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Since 1977, Howarth Switchgear has specialised in the design and manufacture of low voltage electrical switchboards, motor control panels and related equipment.


Always innovative, we have responded to our clients' request for switchboards that are compact, modular and reliable. 


The HS50 range meets all these requirements and more. Howarth Switchgear operates on some of the shortest manufacturing lead times in the business. How do we achieve this? Over 40 years of experience, an extremely well-equipped factory and a streamlined approach throughout the design and manufacturing process, helps us to keep to your deadlines.


The extensive use of CAD/CAM design and manufacturing techniques allows us to give our customers the highest quality equipment at competitive prices.

DNO Incomer Connection & CT Chamber
DNO Incomer Connection & CT Chamber 800A Fuse Switch
IP Rated 200A Isolator
Switchboard Corner Section Busbars
Weatherproof MCCB c/w 200A socket
MCCB with Earth Leakage protection feeding 200A Socket in weatherproof enclosure
Switchboard for Hydro Scheme
50 Wall Mounting Switchboard for Hydro Scheme with output kilowatt limiting monitor/meter
48 Way Distribution Board
Metered 48 Way TP&N MCB Distribution Board fed from building rising Busbar
HS50 Floor Mounted
Floor Mounted HS50 Switchboard with Slimline Switchfuses by ABB
MCCB Switchboard
Switchboard with MCCBs
LV ACB Switchboard
Switchboard Plinth for Raised Floor
Plinth used to raise switchboard to floor level at a datacentre
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