Changeover Panels

Howarth Switchgear's Automatic and Manual Changeover Panels are for mains and standby generator power supply applications or applications with dual power supply

Both, the automatic and manual changeover panels incorporate an automatic electrical changeover control unit that does not require an auxiliary power supply.

Motorised MCCB’s or ACB’s complete the changeover operation in the event of a mains power failure.
100A MCCB Changeover Panel
Supply No.1 & Supply No.2
Auto Changeover from preferred supply loss to standby supply
630A MCCB Changeover
630A MCCB Mains/Gen Automatic Changeover panel feeding 24 Way
Form 4 Type 6 MCCB Distribution
100A Manual Changeover Switch
String A or String B
Dual Supply 100A Manual Changeover Switch
UPS Bypass Panel
Castell Interlocking on 100A MCCBs
200A Changeover Contactors
200A Mechanically Interlocked changeover contactors
Dual Supply Contactor Changeover
Dual Supply Contactor Changeover Units
100A Changeover
100A Mains/Gen (Start run) Automatic Changeover Switch
Automatic Changeover Panel
Automatic Changeover Panel for two mains supplies backed up from one Generator
200A MCCB Changeover
200A MCCB Mains/Gen Automatic Changeover panel feeding 12 Way TP&N MCCB DISTRIBUTION BOARD
Mobile Generator Panel
Mobile Generator Panel with Changeover Switch & Powersafe Cable Connector Box (800A)
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