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One of our customer satisfaction surveys covering consulting engineers, contractors and end-users attracted the following comments:-

"Their strengths are their quality of product and flexible approach" 

"Their quality is first class" 

"They meet your needs - and quickly" 

"Howarth is generally one of the better companies to deal with" 

"They ALWAYS deliver on time" 

"The biggest advantage must be that any change or modifications required can be done so instantly" 

"If I have a project where I foresee potential difficulties or problems, I feel safe going to Howarth" 

"Their speed of response to enquiries is good" 

"Howarth can produce non-standard equipment quickly" 

"We have a good working relationship with Howarth"

Form 3b Type 2 Switchboard
Form 3b Type 2 Free Standing Switchboard
Switchboard with Metering & PFC
Form 3b Type 2 Switchboard
Form 3b Type 2 Wall Mounted Switchboard
Surge Protection
1000A Fuse Switch Switchboard
Form 4 Type 2
Fuse Switch Switchboard
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