Energy Monitoring Panels

Do you need to monitor electrical supplies on existing switchgear installations and have remote access to the information?

Howarth Switchgear offers a wide range of submetering products so, if you need specific metering arrangements, just tell us what you need for your project.


The whole kit including multi-function meters with MODBUS or other BMS output, wall mounting enclosure, flying leads and split core current transformers that are easily retrofitted to existing switchgear cabling. 


You might need to gather the information to keep a close eye on a range of parameters for a data centre or simply need individual cumulative kWh readings as a landlord to cover tenant's energy usage.


With energy costs escalating all the time, it makes good sense to be able to monitor energy consumption and allocate costs on a departmental basis.

Switchboard Metering Upgrade
Switchboard Metering Upgrade
Switchboard Metering Upgrade
Grouped Metering Panel
PDU Switchboard with Metering & SPD
Switchboard with Metering
Switchboard Metering Upgrade
Switchboard with Metering
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