Our Environmental Policy

Howarth Switchgear are committed to continually improving our environmental performance by focusing on efficiency in all areas of our business activities.

We aim to minimise the consumption of energy and resources by setting targets to reduce our waste and carbon footprint and invest in more sustainable manufacturing practises within our organisation. 

Everything from our day to day operations to our long term plans aim to minimise the company’s impact on the environment. 
To achieve this we:


  • Source components from suppliers that meet our high environmental standards and materials that are recyclable, where possible, at the end of their lifespan. 

  • Utilise locally sourced raw materials, where possible, reducing transport Co2 and improving the local economy through localised trade. 

  • Design efficient manufacturing processes that optimise raw material and energy efficiency and minimise the impact our manufacturing has on the environment.

  • Encourage all members of our staff to continually consider and contribute to our fundamental principles of environmental efficiency: reduce, reuse and recycle, by promoting environmental awareness and respect throughout training. Our reuse of incoming packaging materials greatly reduces waste. 

  • Consider the life cycle impacts our products may have on the environment. Our products, where possible, are designed, with the future in mind, to be modular and easy to upgrade thus extending the products life in service and reducing waste. 

  • Reduce waste through the continuous improvement of processes and practices by making more efficient use of machinery and computers to reduce energy consumption. 

  • Monitor and record water and energy usage with the aim of minimising waste in both areas. 

  • Encourage wildlife by retaining shrubs, trees and grassed areas within the perimeters of the factory compound.

To reinforce these practices Howarth Switchgear is committed to long-term investment in more efficient practises and machinery. 

Our purchase of an energy efficient CNC turret punch press has helped reduce noise pollution and makes more efficient use of raw materials by utilising CAD CAM principles that allow the registration of raw material offcuts for allocation to future jobs.

Continual improvement is a key priority and we perform regular risk assessments to identify areas for improvement. All members of our staff are encouraged to adopt practices of reducing waste and identifying opportunities for optimising processes. 

Howarth Switchgear also aims to improve environmental practices in all areas of operations by keeping up to date with environmental legislation and discussion and setting ambitious yet achievable long-term environmental targets.