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Howarth Switchgear Ltd, 
Finlas Street,

Cowlairs Industrial Estate,

G22 5DT,
Glasgow, United Kingdom

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Low Voltage ACB/MCCB Switchboards


Howarth Switchgear's range of low voltage ACB/MCCB switchboards are available in fixed or withdraw-able forms.

Available in a range of form of segregation and including Form 4 Types 2,4,5,6, and 7 and in degrees of ingress protection up to IP 54


  • Front access

  • All round access

  • Back to back arrangements


  • ASTA certified busbars

  • Fully welded construction in zinc coated steel

  • Powder coated finish to RAL or BS colour

  • Safety interlocking on individual compartment doors

  • Electroplated fasteners and chrome hinges

  • Flexible earth bonding between all doors and cubicle

  • Solid copper connections between busbar risers and outgoing units

  • End sections equipped to accommodate extension tiers

  • Transit splits to suit limited site access

  • Totally enclosed busbars, risers and inter-connections in sheet steel compartment

Form 4 Type 6 Switchboard
Switchboard built to Form 4 Type 6 form of Segregation with Terminal boxes for outgoing cables.
Form 4 Type 6 Switchboard
Terminal boxes for outgoing cables.
Boxes can come with transparent or metallic covers.
LV ACB Switchboard
Switchboard with ACB incomer & Outgoing MCCBs.
We also provide separate ACB box for non-local switching.
LV ACB Switchboard with PFC
Switchboard with ACB incomer & Ougoing MCCBs. Power Factor Correction is also integrated into the Switchboard.
Dual Supply Switchboard
Switchboard with dual power supplies and meters on outgoing MCCBs.
Power Indication LEDs are also installed on the incomers.
ACB with IP covers
Switchboard with ACB supplied with IP covers for extra protection to suit dusty environments.
MCCB Switchboard with Metering
Form 4 Type 2 Switchboard with Metering on Outgoing MCCBs. The Switchboard also comes with a Red Door cover for the Fire Alarm Circuit.
Integrated Power Factor Correction is also included.
Switchboard with DBs
We also build Switchboard with Integrated Distribution Boards.
Switchboard with Integrated DBs
Switchboard with integrated Distribution Boards, Outgoing MCCBs with Meters & Surge Protection Device.
MCCB Switchboard Extension
Switchboard Extension unit with MCCBs & Ougoing Metering.
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MCCB Switchboard Extension

Switchboard Extension unit with MCCBs & Ougoing Metering.